Travel Trust Association

Adeo Travel - Travel Trust AssociationAt adeo Travel we are happy to be members of the Travel Trust Association or TTA. We hold a certificate of general membership and our TTA membership number is Q1164.

Guests can verify our membership status by searching our company name or membership number on the TTA website which can be found on the below link:

Verify our membership

Who are the TTA?

The TTA is an independent travel industry body established in 1993 and operating ever since as an association for independent travel companies and professionals. Today the TTA has several hundred members and trade partners; their membership register consists of a range of Travel Agents, Tour Operators and Travel Organisers.

How does our membership of the TTA benefit you, the guest?

  • Quality service and ethical practice – All TTA members must adhere to a strict Code of Conduct which requires their members to act responsibly and ensures that customers receive the best possible service.
  • Arbitration Service – In the unlikely event of an unresolved dispute, the TTA will provide an independent arbitration service between agent and client.
  • Best rates and range of products – By working with our partners and colleagues within the TTA membership, adeo travel can obtain the very best rates on a whole range of travel products and services which we can pass on to you our guests.
  • Financial Security – As a certified TTA member, adeo Travel benefits from complete financial protection for our guests. By operating a trust account system for pre-payments, and with the TTA financial guarantee, guests can book in confidence in the knowledge the their holiday investment is 100% guaranteed. For more information click here.