Gimme a Cwtch! Celebrate St David’s Day with a #RandomActsOfWelshness

national symbols of Wales – Red Dragon Flag, Daffodils, Leeks & Welsh Cakes

The sun is coming out more often and we are starting to see many flowers popping out in the park, especially the beautiful yellow daffodils, which are a national symbol of Wales! And that means that not only the Spring is coming, but also St David’s Day too!

Every year on 1st March the Welsh nation celebrates Dydd Gŵyl Dewi (St David’s Day in Welsh language), the Welsh National Day. Here at adeo Travel we were inspired by Visit Wales’ campaign and wanted to join them in celebrating this year by doing some #RandomActsOfWelshness!


Living simple life, Saint David once said “gwnewch y pethau bychain” and I dare you to pronounce that! (I still cannot, so don’t worry too much). The meaning of these Welsh words however translate to “do the little things”.

And that’s what the campaign is all about – doing the little things! For ourselves, for each other, for our communities and for our world!

Visit Wales have given us some great ideas to celebrate this day! As well as decorating houses with famous Welsh Flag of the Red Dragon, dressing up ourselves in Welsh national costumes (Gwisg Gymreig draddodiadol) and hats (Het Gymreig), or even dressing up our pets in daffodils or yellow costumes, the list of Random Acts of Welshness is long!

Perhaps start from a simple CWTCH? (pronounced “cooch” and made famous by the “Gavin and Stacy” series, this little word means “hug” in Welsh!). Give a hug, get a hug and spread the love and joy! Perhaps you can treat yourself or someone you cherish to those beautiful yellow daffodils to brighten their day, or give a loved one (a partner, a sibling, a dear friend, anyone they like or love) a traditional Welsh Love Spoon.

traditional Welsh Love Spoons

Carefully carved and engraved with a unique message, this special tradition originated in 17th century. Made from a single piece of wood. originally by young men as a love token for their sweethearts, spoons were carved and given to show affection and good intentions. Different carvings meant different messages, for example a cross implied marriage plans, an anchor was a willingness to settle down, a heart meant love forever and a horseshoe was for happiness and good luck. Nowadays, wooden spoons are given on different occasions to show support, love and care. A Stork and a Baby carving are a great gift idea for someone expecting a child, whilst Two Rings might be a great gift for newly weds! I remember I was charmed by them when during my school exchange programme in 2014 in Caerleon school (near to Cardiff, Wales) with fellow students we received one spoon with a heart each. I have mine until today and I think it’s one of the greatest memorabilia I have from Wales!

On St Davids Day, some Welsh people join together in pubs to sing the national anthem “Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau”, some listen to Welsh folk music at work for a change, and some play the old game called “Tippit” (known for our overseas visitors, especially Americans, as “Up Jenkins” – a common surname in Wales). The majority of the nation though simply enjoy traditional Welsh food, such as Welsh Rarebit (cheesy sauce toast but no rabbit here despite the misleading name), Lamb Cawl (a stew with lamb and veggies, especially leeks), Bara Brith (a fruit tea bread) or traditional Welsh Cakes!

delicious Welsh Cakes

The last one is actually (very much) connected with the adeo Travel Team. We have a little tradition in the office – Welsh Cake Wednesdays(!) – when every Wednesday one of us buys a few (read: a lot) delicious Welsh-cakes from nearby Cardiff Market for the whole team. Ahhh, how we love Welsh Cake Wednesdays… You can say we celebrate St David’s Day weekly! And if any of our guests are passing through Cardiff on a Wednesday, you can pop in for a Welsh Cake too!

We cwtch-ed, we ate Welsh Cakes and we even played Tippit (as there is usually six of us in the office) to celebrate this year’s Dydd Gŵyl Dewi!

We hope you will participate in celebrations this year in your own way too! Whatever you do, bring out those smiles and do the little things that matter! Feel free to share your little acts of kindness and Welshness in the comments or on our social media!

If you’re intrigued by Wales and the Welsh culture and want to experience a taste of Wales for yourself, then why not hop aboard our dedicated small-group tour of Wales taking you right across the country. More information on our website: Enchanting Wales.

Happy St David’s Day to all! #RandomActsOfWelshness #PethauBychain

Magdalena Glen

March 1, 2024

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