How to get ready for my British vacation?

The Summer travel season for Britain is rapidly approaching – we are extremely happy to be hosting our international guests again in great numbers and cannot wait to hear back from your travel experiences! We would definitely be getting lost in America, bitten by wild animals in Australia or misreading signposts in Europe but we’re experts in Britain travel.

We know you may have questions, to make your holidays as perfect as possible and how to prepare for vacation in England, Wales or Scotland? What to bring along for your holiday? What to expect when travelling in the UK? That is where we come in with a little bit of help and good-to-know tips before you go!

What is the most important thing to bring to the UK? – PASSPORT!!!

You may think this is obvious, but all international visitors require a valid passport to enter the UK. To avoid unnecessary stress it’s best triple check if you have a passport on you at all times.

Something you may not know is that many countries require your passport to be valid for a minimum period (for example 6 months) after your trip is due to end – this is to ensure it remains valid should you need to extend your trip for any reason.

ADEO TIP: Take photocopies of your passport! Keep one copy at your home and take another one to Britain with you. Keep it separately from other travel documents though! Accidents happen and even though we hope everything goes well during your journey – in case you lose your passport, those copies will be very helpful!

Do I need TRAVEL INSURANCE to travel to Britain? – YES, please!

Very often we are asked about travel insurance. We cannot empathise enough how very crucial that is. A good insurance policy can assist you in all unfortunate scenarios, offering financial and practical support thanks to their worldwide networks and connections. With cause for a claim they will simply take the matter out of your hands and make the necessary arrangements on your behalf.

Although, we do not sell travel insurance at adeo Travel, we are happy to point you in the right direction if you do not have a policy and recommend to purchase travel insurance as early as possible! To read more about the travel insurance, please click here to get redirected to our FAQ section and find out more.

If you travel regularly, we’re a bit jealous, but we’d recommend you consider an annual travel insurance policy. Paying monthly fees is usually more cost-effective than paying for individual trips.

ADEO TIP: Only buy what cover you need – exclude extras and things you know you won’t do, for example extreme rides or water sports. That might make some savings and give you some extra spending money for your trip!

How much BAGGAGE to bring?

This is always a struggle. I always end up packing way too much than I actually needed…

Don’t be like me. Do NOT overpack!

Travel light, dress comfortably and pack easy care items. You are supposed to feel relaxed and carefree. They say you should pack what you think you need, unpack the whole case, remove one third of what you’ve got and re-pack again.


Luggage is limited in either size (often 30-inch suitcase maximum) or weight (40lbs) on transatlantic checked in luggage and a carry-on bags for flights. But airlines within Europe will generally have lower baggage requirements if you plan to take extra flights during your trip. Escorted or small-group tour companies will have limited luggage space for you in their vehicle as well, so please bare that in mind. Luggage storage facilities are available in most larger towns or cities.

ADEO PRO TIPS: Label your luggage! It is so helpful to have your full name and address written on baggage tag, just in case it gets lost. You can also add a ribbon to make it more visible or buy straps for luggage to ensure it doesn’t open while transporting. Make sure to collect your own luggage.

What CLOTHES should I pack?

We’ve established not to overpack, yes? Yes! Okay. How to pick best clothes? Predict the weather? Manage within the baggage limit?

We know what you should have for sure – the most comfortable shoes you own for walking and sightseeing, and a warm sweater (or jumper as we call them)! It is always wise to have bog, soft warm sweater in case it gets a bit chilly… Besides that – the key is to dress in layers! Clothes that can be easily added or removed with the changeable British weather. Worth taking are also some smart/casual clothes for restaurants or the occasional night out. There is no need for tux/ball gown – unless of course you like it.

ADEO PRO TIPS: Bring your favourite clothes that make you feel relaxed and comfortable! There is nothing better than having comfy joggers or a cool T-shirt with you, to ensure a super ease while touring.

Is it really that RAINY in Britain? – It COULD be…

Although we wish all our dear guests had warm and sunny weather during their vacation, the cloudy and wet days are a definite possibility. The weather here can be a bit unpredictable…(!) Although we usually have warm summers and mild winters with a bit more cold on the north – there is always a chance of RAIN! A sunny morning can turn into a heavy shower in the afternoon; or begin with gloomy dark skies but serve a stunning sunset in the evening. No matter what, bring a brolly (an umbrella) for showers and a light raincoat for windier days.


ADEO TIP: Check the weather forecast few days before your travel to be ready for what’s coming. You may want to repack for more lighter/warmer clothes instead, depending on the prediction. We recommend using https://www.bbc.co.uk/weather for daily and hourly forecast in every region of Britain.

ADEO PRO TIP: A good cuppa (cup of English tea with milk) always makes you feel warmer and better after a rainier day 😊

Sooo, feeling a bit more ready to travel to Britain? If you still feel like some of your questions haven’t been answered, we have shared few of our tips and hints for travel in our previous blog posts already: top tips for self-driving, rail touring, London breaks, Scottish stays and many more! Feel free to check our previous blog posts or ask our dedicated agents questions regarding your booked travel vacation. See you soon!

Magdalena Glen

March 15, 2022

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