Scotland Self Drive Tour

We made it back to the States safe and sound! Thanks for your email and I’m happy to provide you with a little feedback about our trip!

We flew into Glasgow after spending a week in Ireland. Our Ireland trip included stays at Waterford Castle, Drobleland Castle, and a very nice hotel in Killarney (4 star) – so having very little knowledge of Scotland, it was a little adjustment to change to B & B’s. The hotel in Glencoe was fine – a nice facility and the food was good. It’s in the foothills so to speak of the highlands so it was an “introduction” to Scotland. The B & B the second night on the Isle of Skye was also very nice – the town is small – but it was close so that we could walk the town. The hostess was nice, the food was good, the room was very clean and her house was nice.

The 3rd place we stayed was in another B & B in Inverness. It was within walking distance of downtown – the food was good, it was a nice house and the hostess was very nice. Probably our personal preference is staying in larger hotels – we are to the point that we enjoy our privacy and we enjoy space to just go and enjoy the ambiance of the facility – we really weren’t able to do that in a B & B. I’m not saying anything negative here about any of the facilities – these are just discussions that Deb and I have had about what we like and what we don’t. Bottom line – the B & B’s were very nice but we’d probably not stay in them again – we prefer the nicer hotels.

The car experience was fine. We’d spent a week in Ireland learning to drive on the left side of the road in a stickshift. So getting an automatic in Scotland was a nice change. I did add the additional insurance so the there was a zero deductible for us – I’ve heard too many horror stories about car rentals so I thought for my peace of mind it would be better to add the extra insurance – we didn’t end up needing it since we didn’t have any problems – but it gave me the peace of mind not having to worry about it!

Overall, we were very pleased with our trip. Your help in making the selections was very good. I liked being able to prepay some of the costs. The information sent about the trip, the sites, the directions to the hotels, etc. was very helpful. We didn’t have any issues – and we didn’t have or need a GPS!!! If there are any other specifics you’d like to know — just ask!

September 2013
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