Luke Manning – Sales Executive

A true southerner; Britain travel expert Luke was born and raised in the picturesque South West of England between the crashing waves and the rolling moors of the coastal county of Devon.

Hailing from a region which is home to a host of elegant Victorian seaside resorts and whose economy is heavily dependent on domestic tourism, Luke developed an interest in the travel industry from a young age and went on to study Travel and Tourism at a local college. Since his studies Luke has worked in the service and hospitality industry both in Devon and overseas in various spots around Europe expanding his knowledge of the many sides the tourism industry as well as experiencing the culture and heritage these places had to offer.

Glencoe, Scottish Highlands, Scotland

Most recently Luke was employed by one of the biggest outbound British tour operators, where he covered a selection of Spanish resorts and areas whilst developing his travel expertise and the best ways to add value to a holiday. Returning back to Britain and turning focus to inbound travel, Luke now leads the Britain Travel Consultant team to ensure visitors have the best travelling experience and create lasting memories.

Outside of work, Luke has travelled widely visiting destinations throughout Europe and worldwide; in 2018 he was lucky enough to have also toured France and areas of Spain in a campervan discovering a multitude of breath-taking and unusual places that wouldn’t have been found on the usual beaten track. Today he uses experience in Europe to offer his client’s his own top tips for discovering new places in his home country.

In 2018 Luke relocated to the bright lights of Cardiff in South Wales to join the adeo Travel team; he remains a passionate traveller and dedicates his time to helping others experience what Britain has to offer with its wealth of heritage, history and natural beauty. Being an expert in travel and constantly immersed in the attractions of the country, he can give all the top tips to make the most of your trip to Britain.

Q&A Section

We asked our travel consultants some questions about their time in the travel industry and here’s what Luke had to say…

What’s your favourite destination in Britain and why?

I’m slightly biased as I was born and raised here but North Devon is my favourite British destination. It’s often overlooked but it has some of Britain’s best beaches and a stunning cliffside coastline which hugs many small community fishing villages such as Clovelly and Lynmouth. Although Devon is renowned for it’s farming, North Devon is accoladed as World Class in Nature and this is evident in Exmoor National Park (one of 2 of Devon’s National Parks) which has an expanse of forests and moorland with rivers snaking down to the tides below. This has made it the perfect habitat for the native Red Deer and wild ponies.

What’s your must-see Britain attraction?

Oh, depends on the context.. I’m a big foodie so Camden and Borough Markets are essential stops every time I am in London. They are open daily and both offer a wealth of fresh and cooked food, cheese shops, bakeries and even spice vendors. I also enjoy a drink – or two (typical Brit) and a visit to Scotland is not complete without a visit to a good Scotch Distillery. There are hundreds to choose from and each have their own charm or flair but one place often overlooked due to its established nature is Johnnie Walker. Johnnie Walker was the pioneer of blended Whiskeys and the experience in Edinburgh shatters everything you thought you knew about the world of Scotch and teaches a new appreciation.

What’s the hotel you most like recommending for clients and why?

The hotel I most love to include for clients is Glencoe House just off the famous valley of Scotland. This property over-delivers every time, with each room being a Suite and having unrivalled views from every window, it holds the elegancy and tradition of a country manor but with more intimacy. This hotel doesn’t have a restaurant but instead offers in-suite private dining. An experience more than a place to sleep!

What’s the biggest travel challenge you’ve overcome?

The rail strikes in Britain have become a relatively regular occurrence and somewhat of a joke between the British but they can seem daunting to international travellers, especially to those who are not experienced with trains. The rail network is extremely well equipped here with departures on each line going from every 30 minutes. Although the strikes may impact these journeys, the vast majority do still run, just at a reduced service. Although challenging; I am proud of how the team here regularly handle these by notifying impacted clients, assisting with seat reservations where necessary and even in the rare instances where needed, provide alternative arrangements so our guests can continue to get on with their travels despite any industrial action.

What’s your top tip for your clients coming to Britain?

To get lost… literally! Britain has hidden gems all over the countryside and quintessential villages short distances from each other. Do not be afraid to switch off the Sat Nav and just drive. You can always switch it back on when you want to head on to your next destination but sometimes the discovered tiny villages can become your favourite. In contrast to other countries where you can drive for miles and see nothing, many villages here blend into the next.

What’s the best thing about being part of the adeo Travel Team?

Not only working with great people who each have their own unique experiences and expertise for various areas across the country, but also speaking with new clients and learning their interests and hobbies in order to make their experience here the best possible. To be able to provide our local insight and tailor packages to each individual in order to give them exactly what their looking for is a great feeling.

What’s your next holiday destination?

A weekend in South Cornwall before a short stint in Amsterdam.
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