Lucas Eisele – Britain Travel Consultant

Originally from the town of Glastonbury in the rural county of Somerset, Lucas moved to a small rural hamlet just outside of Brecon in South Wales at a young age. Eventually his studies in media took him to Newport in 2009, graduating in 2012 and moving to the bright and vibrant city of Cardiff, capital of Wales 

Raised in an American family and living a small town in New York for two years, has given Lucas a unique perspective on the UK – being able to view it both as a local, and an outside party.  

Lucas’s professional background lies in sales and hospitality, it was in the hospitality sector that Lucas discovered a passion for travel and the tourism industry, during his role as a Concierge at a five-star hotel in Wales – Lucas would frequently arrange tours around Wales and England, advising guests on any noteworthy or historically significant sites. 

Outside of all this, Lucas is a huge film fan and even works freelance in pre-production on various media projects across the UK, which has given him an avenue to explore and discover new and exciting areas of Britain. Always an enthusiastic explorer and traveller, Lucas is always looking for new and unique places filled with history and character. 

Lucas now joins the adeo Travel team to transfer his knowledge and passion for travel to help many others experience all the wonderful sights, experiences and history that Britain has to offer.  

Q&A Section

We asked our travel consultants some questions about their time in the travel industry and here’s what Lucas had to say…

What’s your favourite destination in Britain and why?

It is a bit of cliché, but I am going to have to say London. I understand it is not to everyone’s taste, as it can get incredibly busy and the hustle and bustle of a city can certainly be a tricky thing to navigate. However for me, it’s a city where you could spend weeks or even months and still not uncover all it has to offer, there is so much character and eccentricity to this city. It has both a fantastic amount to see during the day and a vibrant and exciting night life to boot.

What’s your must-see Britain attraction?

It is a tough question as there are so many British attractions that are an absolute must, but if I have to choose: I would say the Yorkshire Dales, I am a massive film fan and so many iconic films and tv series have been shot there including the more recent “Mission Impossible” and “Indiana Jones” entries, of course many people know it from “All Creatures Great Small”. However if you take away that aspect, you are left with an absolutely stunning piece of English countryside, I was lucky enough to experience the Dales in the beginning of summer a couple of years ago and I found it absolutely breath-taking.

What’s the hotel you most like recommending for clients and why?

This is another one where there is so much to choose from. For me, it is The Grand in York, it not only a high quality hotel but it is one that is full of character and style. There is also so much in this hotel, that others simply do not have. For starters, you have a Concierge service that can actually collect your luggage from the train station, as well provide rich and interesting advice on where to go in Yorkshire to really experience its personality and history. On top of this, the hotel also has a cooking school which I think is amazing and on its rooftop, an actual bee hive holding thousands of bees which started back in 2019.

What’s the biggest travel challenge you’ve overcome?

I would say for me, it is organizing rail tour in area where rail transport is either not available or incredibly limited. Yet, I will say, at the same it is incredibly fulfilling challenge, it tests your skills with outside the box thinking to design or find a route for a guest that limits long hours on public transport and also gets them to their given destination with minimal fuss. So, as much as its much as it is my greatest challenge, it is also one of my favourite parts about part of the adeo experience.

What’s your top tip for your clients coming to Britain?

I may sound like I am joking, but honestly and genuinely, either buy and pack an umbrella because it rains in this country A LOT. However do not let that put you off, even in the worst weather, Britain’s character and history is still immensely compelling even in the soggiest of conditions.

What’s the best thing about being part of the adeo Travel Team?

My experience before adeo, was working as a Concierge at a hotel in Cardiff Bay, one of my favourite aspects of that job was organizing tours for the hotel guests and how fulfilling it was to arrange something where they had the best experience of South Wales. I wanted to take this experience and focus solely on it which is what drew me to adeo Travel. So, really the nature of the job is my favourite part, designing these tailored tours unique and specific to the person that books with us and making sure they have the best possible experience of the UK.

What’s your next holiday destination?

So, my next holiday is booked this summer and I will actually be venturing out to California – Los Angeles specifically, to see it for the first time. As someone with their family solely based in the US, I try and experience as much of it as possible and I am really excited to see LA.
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