Brandon Bailey – Administrative Assistant

Meet Brandon, our Tour Operations Administrative Assistant. Hailing from the scenic coast of North Devon, having worked in hospitality and being raised in a tourism environment, he understands the importance of catering to the customer’s needs and being a team player.

After studying Animation at the Arts University Plymouth, then pursuing a master’s degree at the University of South Wales, Brandon has stayed in Cardiff since graduation to be around its growing creative culture. Having previously worked in admin he saw adeo Travel as the perfect opportunity for professional growth and to be part of a dynamic team in the heart of the UK’s travel industry.

Outside of work, he loves exploring the UK’s beautiful landscapes and is always up for a hike or socialising over a pint. He continues to develop his drawing skills, branching into graphic design and storyboarding projects. Being a fan of film, Brandon often enjoys immersing himself in cinema and keeping up with the industry, drawing inspiration from storytelling and visual narratives. Brandon stays active by weightlifting or going on weekend runs. He one day hopes to travel the world and soak up new cultures and experiences.

Q&A Section

We asked our travel consultants some questions about their time in the travel industry and here’s what Brandon had to say…

What’s your favourite destination in Britain and why?

I might have to go home for this one. Living in the city one thing I miss about Devon is having the beach at my doorstep, I spent countless summers swimming in the water, long walks on the sand and many BBQs on the pebble ridge, so for mine I’d have to go Westward Ho! Beach. *Fun Fact: Westward Ho! is the only place in Britain to have an exclamation point in its name.

What’s your must-see Britain attraction?

I would recommend to guests, to see a rugby or football match. I’m not a sports person myself, however, watching a game in stadium is a completely different atmosphere and a great example of British culture, overall a fantastic experience.

What’s the hotel you most like recommending for clients and why?

One hotel that comes to mind would be the Guy Fawkes Inn, its rich history and period architecture offers a cosy and unique experience. Being a pub person myself, their traditional pub, with complete oak beams and a roaring fire is a great place to relax with a pint. Its central location in the heart of York offers the city at your doorstep with convenient access within walking distance of key sights and amenities.

What’s the biggest travel challenge you’ve overcome?

On one camping trip, we spent two and a half hours trying to find a pub that we were informed was only ‘15 minutes down the road.’ After splitting up, climbing a mountain, passing closed pubs, regrouping, hiking moors and almost turning back, we were successful on our quest to find the nearest tavern

What’s your top tip for your clients coming to Britain?

Be ready to discuss the weather — a lot — whether it’s scorching under a blazing summer sun or pouring down rain in typical British fashion, as the ever-changing weather is a perennially popular topic that often leads the conversations, no matter the season or circumstance.

What’s the best thing about being part of the adeo Travel Team?

I think the fact that we are a smaller team is what makes us work so well. We have fostered strong relationships and a sense of camaraderie. Which has created a supportive work environment where I feel valued and can appreciate the responsibilities I have been given.

What’s your next holiday destination?

In Britain, I have a friend in Chester who I have been meaning to visit soon and would love to visit Scotland. Outside of the UK, I’d probably say Amsterdam and I also hope to go interrailing in Europe.
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