Planning your trip

You’re dreaming of a vacation to Britain but don’t know where to start – here we answer your early questions you may have to get the ball rolling.

When is it best to travel to Britain?

This really depends on what is important to you; the weather and climate, price of your trip and visiting special events may all be factors. The British Summertime (June, July and August) is the most popular time for holiday-makers offering warmer weather and longer daylight hours for sightseeing. However Springtime and Autumn/Fall also offer their own appeal with the countryside in different colours and fewer tourists. Prices reflect the seasons; many accommodations charge more through the popular Summer months but can offer some great deals out-with. Specific towns and cities will also be more expensive during public holidays and at times of local events and festivals. Britain’s larger centres of population (especially London) remain popular city-break destination throughout the year and over the festive period.

When should I book my trip?

As far in advance as possible. The earlier you book the more likely we are to be able to secure the accommodation and means of transport that best suit you. Many areas of Britain are popular visitor destinations for domestic tourists and international visitors alike. We don’t want you to have to compromise on your tour! Airline schedules are usually released a maximum 9 months in advance and we recommend booking those first and your land package soon after.

What type of trip should I book? Do I have to rent a car?

No, you don’t have to rent a car. We have vacations including various means of transport to suit everyone’s preferences; if you don’t want to drive here in the UK, you may choose to travel independently on a rail itinerary or join one of our increasingly popular small-group tours. Or there is always the option to combine your tour-types (rail to some destinations and take a car form there) or have your own chauffeur/driver-guide conduct a private tour. For more information on how is best for you to travel, please click here.

Can I book my flights with adeo Travel?

No, adeo Travel do not book flights to the UK, just your travel arrangements when you are here on the ground in Britain. We are, however, happy to offer independent advice on routes, schedules and carriers in to Britain. Likewise we can offer advice regarding our British airports and where is best to arrive and depart for your vacation. Airline tickets can usually be booked no more than 9 months in advance and you can usually achieve the best deals by booking early.

Do I have to book my whole trip with adeo Travel?

No – the beauty of a customized vacation is that you can book as much or as little with us as you like. We can offer complete end-to-end planning for a complete itinerary from the moment you land in Britain to your return flight. However, many of our Guests may be visiting friends and family, or attending work or social events which are prearrange and will take up parts of their stay in Britain. Or indeed they may already be in Britain when they want to begin their tour with adeo Travel. All you need to do is tell us when and where you want our services to start and end and we will plan the reservations around you. And if you need to be in a specific location for a specific date, we can factor that in for you too!

What level of accommodation will I be staying in?

When you enquire we will ask you about your accommodation preferences. We have a range of lodging types in our portfolio including traditional hotels, historic pubs & Inns and luxurious castle or manor house hotels. We focus on avoiding larger corporate chains and brands where possible to ensure you get a flavour of Britain, however whatever your budget and requirements we can make the right hotel recommendations for you. For more information about some of the accommodations we work with, take a look at our accommodation portfolio.

How do I trace my family history?

Many of our guests travel to Britain to trace their ancestors and genealogy. Below are some links to websites and online resources that many of our guests have found helpful:

  • http://www.genuki.org.uk/
  • http://www.ancestry.co.uk/
  • http://uk-genealogy.org.uk/
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