Getting a quote

You have a good idea of where and when you want to travel but need to develop an itinerary and get a quote. Here we answer your practical questions of what will affect your trip.

How is it best to get in touch?

Any way you prefer! You can call us, email us or submit our online enquiry form. All of our contact credentials can be found at the foot of the page or you can click the link below to go directly to our online contact form. We try to respond to all enquiries and email correspondence within one business day but we often find that speaking directly with our clients is the best way to fully understand your travel plans and priorities.

Online Enquiry Form

Do I have to stick to the itineraries on your website?

No. If you want to book one of our itineraries as they are laid out then that’s great. However, many of our guests choose to have their trip tailor-made to suit their own specific needs and preferences. Our self-drive tours are fully customizable and we’ll be happy to work with you in tweaking one of our sample tours or designing an entire itinerary from scratch. Our independent rail tours can also be tailored within the constraints of the public network system – but we’re happy to advise and plan the logistics here. Alternatively, if you want to be looked after every step of the way, then one of our escorted small-group tours will be perfect for you – as these are scheduled tours, the itineraries cannot be adapted however we can make pre or post tour arrangements to suit your requirements.

What information will you need from me?

In order to put together a customized itinerary proposal and price quote for your trip to England, Scotland or Wales the main information we need is:

  • Number of people travelling
  • How you would like to travel / type of tour you are looking for
  • Your dates of travel and length of your trip
  • Name of any specific itinerary / tour you want to book
  • Level of comfort of accommodation
  • Any other requests of places/attractions you want to visit or interests you may have

Remember, the more information you provide, the better we can tailor make your perfect itinerary.

Can I travel with children? Are there child discounts?

Yes, of course you can travel with children and yes there are discounts. Children will generally receive discounted travel tickets/passes and attraction entry. Most hotels will usually offer discounted rates or free child places for children when sharing a room with two paying adults however please note that most accommodations will have a limited number of family rooms available – early booking is essential. A child is generally considered to be someone 16yrs or under, though for some suppliers the cut-off age for child rates is 12yrs old. Please advise us in advance the number of children and the age profile of any children travelling with you and we will check for discounts on your specific itinerary/quotation.

Are there discounts for seniors?

In Britain, a senior is generally considered to be someone over 65 yrs of age. Unfortunately car rental and hotel accommodations are not normally discounted for seniors though you may receive discounts on travel passes and certain attraction entrance / admission fees. If you are over 65 yrs at the time of travel please let us know as we can check to see if any discounts apply to your itinerary.

Can I amend my booking?

Yes, we will always do our utmost to make any required amendments to your booking, especially if your circumstances change. But please bear in mind that a small change in date at the start of a trip could result in every subsequent booking needed to be changed and any changes made may have implications in terms of availability and price fluctuations of your chosen tours, accommodations and services. Whilst we will waive them wherever possible we do reserve the right to apply amendment fees however where changes result from unforeseen you may be able to claim back incurred costs via your trip insurance.  For further details, please refer to section 13 of our Terms and Conditions.

Can I get a quote in my own currency? What happens if the exchange rate changes?

At adeo Travel, we work with customers from around the globe and therefore, to avoid confusion, we process all payments in British Pounds Sterling (GBP £) – afterall, you’ll be purchasing in this currency when you get here to Britain! Precise amounts in your local currency will therefore be subject to the exchange rate as provided by your bank or credit card provider at the time of payment.  However, we’ll always provide an approximate amount in your local currency at the time of quotation and if you’re unfamiliar with working with conversion rates please just ask your adeo Travel agent and he/she will be more than happy to provide you with a figure for your trip in your local currency based on the online exchange rates at the time of query. And rest-assured, adeo Travel do not charge any additional fees whatsoever for payment by credit card, unlike many travel companies local travel agents!

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