Brexit and Travel to the UK

Brexit and UK Travel – In 2016 Britain voted to leave the EU which has become known as Brexit which has raised many questions to be raised in all trade and business sectors not least in the travel industry! Here we answer some of the questions posed by our valued guests…

When will Britain be leaving the EU?

When is Brexit – The British Parliament are due to ratify the Withdrawal Agreement in January 2020, which will result in the UK leaving the EU on January 31st 2020. From this date the UK will enter a transition period. The transition period will last until December 31st 2020 which is the current deadline for completion of a trade agreement between UK and EU.

Will there be any changes to travel requirements after Brexit?

Travel Changes After Brexit – No, during the transition period (at least until Dec 31st 2020) all laws and travel regulations will remain unchanged and holidaymakers / travellers can continue to travel between the UK and all international destinations (including the EU) in the same way as is currently the case.

Will flights still operate after Brexit?

Britain Flights after Brexit – Yes, all flights are expected to operate as scheduled and are set to remain completely unchanged during the transition period following Brexit at the end of January 2020. During the transition period the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) of the UK and its aviation sector will continue to participate in European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) systems and comply with its regulations while the longer-term UK-EU relationship on aviation is determined. All international airlines servicing the UK will remain members of IATA (International Air Travel Association) and will continue to comply with their international policies and requirements.

Will ferries and cruise ships still sail?

Cruises After Brexit – Yes, ferry services and cruises will still sail as usual and without interruption. All British and international ferry and cruises are generally subject to regulations of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), the United Nations’ body responsible for establishing regulations for international shipping, and not by any EU regulations; they will therefore remain unaffected by Brexit.

How will coach operators operate?

Coach Tours After Brexit –  International coach tours will still be able to operate between the UK and EU, and around EU countries as usual and without any additional licensing or documentation during the transition period. Clients participating in international coach tours will need only their passports and any standard/existing visa requirement.

Will trains between the UK and the EU still operate?

Chunnel Trains After Brexit – Yes, trains from the UK to the EU (or vice versa) travelling via the Channel Tunnel such as the Eurostar and Eurotunnel services will continue to operate as usual and schedules will remain unchanged.

Should travel insurance be taken out to cover Brexit?

Trip Insurance for Brexit – Many trip insurance companies will not provide cover for political change however during the transition period all British Tour operators must remain compliant with the EUs Package Travel Regulations. This regulation requires all client prepayments to be protected to ensure that any pre-booked holiday is provided as booked, or if it cannot be delivered, that a comparable alternative is offered or a full refund is provided. More information about adeo Travel’s compliance and client protections can be found on the below link:

It remains vital that all international travellers ensure they have appropriate travel insurance to protect against unforeseen circumstances and includes cover for their specific needs such as pre-existing medical conditions or planned activities during their trip.

Will there be changes to Passport regulations after Brexit?

Passport Changes After Brexit – All valid overseas passports can still be used for travel in, around and between the UK and EU after the UK’s exit from the EU. However, new British passports issued after Brexit (to be introduced in early 2020) will be blue in colour instead of maroon!

Will my European Health Insurance Card still be valid?

Health Cover After Brexit – The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) allows any EU citizen to access state medical care when they are travelling in another EU country. All UK registered EHICs will remain valid throughout 2020 during the transition period and conditions remain unchanged. It remains vital that all international travellers ensure they have appropriate travel insurance to protect against unforeseen circumstances and includes cover for their specific needs such as pre-existing medical conditions or planned activities during their trip.

Will Brexit affect currency conversion rates?

Currency Conversion After Brexit – The Great British Pound Sterling (£) has been comparatively weak against many other currencies for several years since the Brexit vote in 2016. This makes it excellent value for overseas visitors coming to the UK with tourists getting “more bang for their buck” compared with a the preceding years. There are not expected to be any major shifts in currency conversion rates in 2020 however this is always subject to international markets and global trends. You’ll still be able to convert currencies in the same way as before – in your local bank, at a bureau de change or at the airport.

Are there any changes to Visa requirements relating to Brexit?

Visa Changes After Brexit – No, during the transition period there will be no changes to travel between the UK and EU countries – there will remain no visa requirement for UK and EU citizens travelling between the UK and EU countries. There are also no planned changes to visa requirements for international visitors from outside the EU coming into the UK and existing rules apply.

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