Travel Insurance

Here at adeo Travel we understand that your vacation investment is important to you; as standard we protect your deposits and prepayments against financial insolvency of ourselves and our suppliers, however, there can be any number of factors which may affect your trip and your capacity to travel as booked. You can’t foresee some of these factors however they can be prepared for and for this reason, you should always ensure you get adequate travel insurance cover. After all, we want you to be able to enjoy both the planning of the trip and travel on your vacation with complete peace of mind!

What is Trip Insurance?

Trip insurance is much like any other insurance that you may already have in place such as home and contents insurance, vehicle insurance and health insurance. You wouldn’t drive without adequate cover for your car, so why would you holiday without suitable travel insurance?

The purpose of trip insurance is of course to protect yourself financially for unexpected occurrences which may affect your ability to take your trip as booked or to continue with your vacation as planned should something happen during travel. A good trip insurance policy would cover you for any monetary costs resulting from such occurrences and would also, should your trip be interrupted, offer additional in-destination support to help you manage the situation and your successful return home.

Why is it important to have good insurance cover?

Having good travel insurance is vitally important. So much so that it is a requirement of travel with adeo Travel that clients have adequate insurance cover. This is for our guests own benefit and the simple reason that, with good cover, you can travel with peace of mind. It is common practice for travel companies to require that their customers hold good cover prior to travel and many of our accommodations, service providers and partner operators also mandate it for all passengers.

Sickness, bereavement, medical emergency, severe weather, flight delay, lost or stolen passports and luggage; these are just some of the difficulties that can occur when you least anticipate them and potentially cause you to cancel or interrupt your trip resulting in loss of your vacation investment and unplanned incurred expenses. Of course these are eventualities you hope will never happen but which can be even more difficult to manage when you are away from home. A good insurance policy will assist you in all of the above scenarios, offering financial and practical support using their worldwide networks and connections. With cause for a claim they will simply take the matter out of your hands and make the necessary arrangements on your behalf.

What eventualities will a good policy cover?

A good trip insurance policy will give you comprehensive coverage and financial reimbursement or compensation for some or all of the below potential occurrences before or during your trip:

  • Flight cancellation or delay
  • Trip cancellation or amendment due to illness or bereavement
  • Baggage loss, damage or delay
  • In-destination medical or emergency dental expenses
  • Emergency assistance and/or transportation
  • Trip re-schedule or flight change fees resulting from changes for covered reasons
  • Air flight accident
  • Loss of passports or travel documents
  • Loss or theft of personal belongings and valuables during travel
  • Rental car damage / deductible

The Emergency Assistance part of a trip insurance policy can provide any number of benefits including some, all or more of the following: Medical Referral, Traveling Companion Assistance, Emergency Cash Transfer, Legal Referral, Locating Lost or Stolen Items, Replacement of Medication and Eyeglasses, Embassy and Consular Services, Worldwide Medical Information, Interpretation/Translation, Emergency Message Relay, Pet Return, Vehicle Return, Identity Theft Resolution Services.

Our main recommendation would be that you ensure you understand your policy and that it offers the level of cover that you want for the trip you’re taking. For example, if you’re booking a self-drive vacation, you may want to purchase a policy which includes rental vehicle deductible waiver as standard. If you or your family have any pre-existing health conditions, you can make sure that your provider offers cover for them and likewise if you are an adrenaline junky and want to partake in certain sporting activities during your trip, you can add these activities to your policy for cover.

When should I purchase trip insurance?

Trip insurance can generally be purchased at any time from deposit payment right through until departure for your trip. It cannot be purchased once you have commenced your travel. Whilst you can leave purchase of travel insurance right up until the time of departure, it would always be recommended that you purchase insurance as far in advance as possible thus ensuring you have the best cover and value from your policy. Any policy is, of course, active onwards from the moment of purchase and therefore if you’re booking your trip a long way in advance, it would be recommended that you also purchase your trip insurance in plenty of time prior to travel.

Where Can I Purchase Trip Insurance?

You’ll be surprised at how many companies offer trip insurance! A good place to start is to contact your own insurers who already provide your standard home, car and any other local insurance policies. Likewise, bank and credit card providers will often also offer trip insurance options so you may want to contact them for a quotation. Finally, and possibly the best place to check is with an independent or specialist insurance company. Here at adeo Travel we are entirely independent and do not recommend a specific company or policy however if you would like further guidance on your trip insurance policy and where to purchase it please get in touch and we can provide the names of companies that previous guests have used with success in the past. Our main recommendation would be to get at least three quotations to enable you to compare pricing and levels of cover provided.

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