Our guide to Dover

Dover is most well-known for the world famous White Cliffs from which you can enjoy an exhilarating cliff top walk with spectacular views. But the cliffs are by no means the only reason to visit Dover.

Dover is located in the South East of England in the ancient county of Kent, known as the “Garden of England” for its wealth of historic castles, stately homes and a number of RHS operated gardens. The harbour town, with France situated just 20 miles away across the English Channel, is one of England’s major ports for connecting with Europe and holds a beautiful location on England’s south eastern coast.

The town of Dover itself is filled with history. Perched atop the famous White Cliffs, Dover Castle is one of Europe’s most formidable fortresses with a fascinating history hidden inside the warren of secret wartime tunnels concealed in the cliffs. The strategic headland above Dover has been fortified since the Iron Age and at Dover Castle you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in 2000 years of history. The tunnels, which date back as far as the Romans, were most probably the first ever wine cellars in Britain! During The Second World War the tunnels were developed into an underground base accommodating 2000 troops and housing the underground hospital.

The city was inhabited by different peoples throughout the centuries, and maintains hallmarks from across the years including the stunning 16th century Bath Abbey which stands in a cobbled square adjacent to the Roman Baths. The city boomed however in the Georgian period of the 1700s when it experienced a resurgence as a spa town. It became an affluent hotspot for high society with residents including the likes of Thomas Gainsborough and Jane Austen who took inspiration from the city and set some of her novels here.

Set in the beautiful county of Kent, known as the ‘Garden of England’, Dover is well worth a visit for its unique history and natural beauty.

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