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At adeo Travel we understand the importance of protecting your money and your vacation. The financial stability of a holiday company and their partners can be a concern when booking overseas travel, especially in today’s economic climate. However, you can rest assured when making reservations with adeo Travel as we include 100% financial protection from insolvency, guaranteeing your travel investment and prepayments every step of the way!Adeo Travel - Financial Protection

The Legal Bit

adeo Travel is a tour operator, registered in Britain and providing package holidays and as such we are subject to a 1993 EC Directive and the resulting Package Travel Regulations. These regulations stipulate that all tour operators offering package tours must provide cover and financial protection for any prepayments (deposits and balances) that a guest has made for a package vacation; if for any reason a tour operator does not protect your monies, they would be breaking the law and could face prosecution and charges.

How is your money protected?

Here at adeo Travel we not only comply with the PTRs, as required by law, but, as standard, we provide two levels of protection for your money ensuring complete peace of mind for our guests:

Firstly we operate a Trust Account system; any pre-payments that you make to us are paid directly in to a trust account which holds your funds for the sole purpose of confirming your holiday reservations. The trust account is managed by ourselves here at adeo Travel along with a completely independent trustee (a banker, chartered or certified accountant or solicitor) who must co-authorize payments and usage of your funds. Money can only be released for the purpose for which it was intended – to pay your suppliers and ensure that you receive your holiday as planned!

Secondly we are members of the Travel Trust Association (TTA). The TTA is an independent travel industry body who require members to adhere to a strict code of conduct and trading standards. They provide the second layer guarantee by insuring all prepayments via the Stand Alone Safe Seat Plan. This insurance policy is taken out on behalf of every passenger who travels with adeo Travel and ensures that if for any reason (clerical error, mismanagement or fraud) there was a shortfall of funds in the trust account, they would cover supplier payments or reimbursement of any prepayments in full up to £11,000 per passenger.Adeo Travel - Travel Trust Association

With these safeguards in place, in the rare event of financial insolvency, your funds would be protected and the trust account managed by the independent trustee. Monies would be released only to pay for any outstanding parts of your vacation, so that you could enjoy your trip as planned, or would be returned to you as a refund in full for any prepayments you had made. If for any reason there is a shortfall in the trust account, you are guaranteed refunds of prepayments by the Travel Trust Association and the Stand Alone Safe Seat Plan. The bottom line is that your money and your holiday are always safe!

Company Verification

You can verify our membership of the Travel Trust Association by clicking here and searching our company name or our company membership number: Q1164.

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