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Britain has some of the best tourist attractions in the World. London in particular has several iconic tourist attractions located short distances apart. A number of tourist attractions in Britain can be free to enter, which is fantastic for our guests visiting from overseas. Others require an entrance fee which is normally proportional to the type of attraction.

What’s great is we provide the option for including specific tourist attraction passes in our self-guided itineraries. See our information on Sightseeing Passes for Britain tourist attraction.

Read our guides to the attractions in Britain or get in touch with our Britain Travel Experts to find out more!

Cardiff Castle

One of Wales' most popular visitor attractions, Cardiff Castle is the centre-piece of the Welsh capital city, home to Roman and Norman heritage not to mention a gloriously opulent mock...

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Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle is one of Britain's most popular tourist attractions and is inextricably linked with Scottish history. Perched 400 feet over the city on a long extinct volcanic rock, it...

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An icon of England, Stonehenge is a magnificent prehistoric site that is instantly recognized the world over but remains shrouded in mystery and whilst dating back to 3000 BC continues...

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The Cotswolds

Located in the heart of England, the Cotswolds region also represents the quintessential image of the English countryside, a rural haven of gently rolling hills, patchwork landscapes and charming cobbled...

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The Lake District

Possibly England's most celebrated region of natural beauty, the Lake District is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes of towering peaks and graceful lakes which have inspired artists and poets alike....

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Westminster Abbey

Since its construction in the 11th century Westminster Abbey has played a pivotal role in the history and heritage of London and Britain as a whole, home to the crowning...

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